Yoga and Meditation

Yoga has been scientifically proven to increase resilience, memory, concentration and compassion. One-off or ongoing yoga classes are critical in ensuring the wellness and happiness of your employees

Dynamic Yoga

A dynamic yoga class specifically designed to stimulate and awaken energy in the body, to create clarity, alertness & ease in mind 

Before work

45m to 60m


Lunchtime Yoga

A class specifically designed to create mental clarity and efficiency, as well as alleviate chronic symptoms that occur from sitting

During work

45m to 60m


Stress Release

A Yoga class specifically designed to reduce chronic symptoms that occur from sitting aswell as release mental and emotional tension incurred throughout the day. 

After work

45m to 60m


Relaxation workshop

A 45 minute guided deep relaxation session to reduce tension and anxiety.


  • Recent research findings

    1. Yoga Nidra – one of the deepest states of relaxation, powerful in its rejuvenation qualities

    2. Optimal posture and light stretches (work clothes are fine)

    3. Simple, practical breathing exercises

    4. Questions and discussion


The feedback we received from staff who attended these sessions was nothing short of fantastic.  All staff absolutely enjoyed their time taking part in Steph’s sessions and they found her to be relatable, approachable with a beautifully calming nature.  From an event organisation perspective, Steph is a pleasure to work with. 
— TSA Group, Perth 2019
Steph was an absolute delight to work with and we could not have asked for anyone better to help with our staff wellness day. Every single person who took part in Steph’s Yoga classes came out feeling refreshed, relaxed and extremely zen. People cold not stop raving about the experience. It was the little touches that Steph added to the day that really made a huge difference. From the beautiful smelling essential oils to the relaxing eye masks for the meditation session, she went above and beyond to ensure everyone enjoyed their experience.
— Nova 93.7, Perth 2019