Employee Engagement

Employees are increasingly disengaged from company values and feel a disconnect between their professional lives and personal wellbeing.

"Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first." - Simon Sinek

Mental health issues in the workplace cost $11 billion per year

  • Absenteeism cost Australian workplaces $44 billion every year 

  • $6 ROI gained for every $1 invested in mental health programs

  • Two-thirds of business executives don’t recognise the drivers to their staff culture

Employee Engagement Classes

Employee engagement classes empower employees with tools in how to respond effectively to immediate challenges of work and life.

Specific information is provided about stress physiology, positive psychology, mind-body therapies, emotion regulation, cognitive behavioural strategies and implementing daily practices.

Incorporating both theoretical and practical training materials.

The focus on the mind/body connection and factual learnings really helped our team to increase awareness of ourselves. We felt more empowered to read the signs of stress and to do something about it.
— Global Cabling, Perth 2019
Steph lives and breathes her work. Her eight week program combines science and data, personal experience and techniques from a range of traditions to become more mindful at work and beyond. Steph shared simple yet powerful ways to manage stress in our personal and professional lives, by providing a theoretical framework backed by physical exercises, to put the learnings into practice.
— KBE Legal Hub, Perth 2019
Steph delivers the workshop with energy, passion and is knowledgeable about her subjects. She built a rapport and trust very quickly with our group and the team put into practice what they learnt at each lesson. A number of the team have seen benefit and a positive change in their personal life as well as professional.
— KBE Legal Hub, Perth 2019