The importance of Gratitude and Intention

Over the weekend I listened to a podcast by Peter Ferko that was discussing how our society has moved from a “being” to a “doing” society. How we, as individuals, are basing our self-worth on how busy and successful we are, as opposed to accepting the beauty of who we are and what we contribute, in the present moment. 

As a result this constant drive, is fuelling this mentality of  “lacking” and therefore we are constantly in search of more, never fulfilled with what we currently have. This mentality increases a sense of anxiety, and discontentment causing us to feel like we are never good enough. 

Two techniques that I encourage you to draw back on is

  1. Setting our INTENTION - This is vitality important in understanding that who we are is already of worth and that our individual footprint on the Earth, no matter what it looks like, is of great value. Always set your intention from the understanding that you already are in. For example: I am worthy, I am enough, I am joy, I am peace. 

  2. Practicing DAILY GRATITUDES cements this intention and knowing. Instead of the mind constantly “searching” for the next gratification, we can begin to acknowledge the fantastic things that we already have and the mind is able to rest in the beauty of the present moment.

If we as individuals are constantly in search of external gratification , we will never acquire the peace and contentment that we are looking for. Take a moment to breathe, to practice gratitude and to always lead from your intention. Happiness and peace is found within.

Steph xx

steph johnson