Stephanie Johnson Co. (SJCo.) reduces workplace burn-out and improves organisational culture through mindfulness-based techniques. The employee training programs are strategically designed to empower employees to increase productivity, engagement and reduce employee turnover.

Steph lives and breathes her work. Her eight week program combines science and data, personal experience and techniques from a range of traditions to become more mindful at work and beyond.
— Chris Bates, Managing Director, KBE Legal Hub
Working with Steph is a dream. Steph is someone who thinks outside the box, is ambitious and professional but never at the expense of life and health. She radiates positive energy.
— Bourby Webster, Perth Symphony Orchestra

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In 2016, whilst acting as the Managing Partner for an International Wellness hotel chain, Stephanie experienced burn-out which resulted in a two year episode of depression and anxiety that saw her out of pocket and out-of-work. She emerged from this crisis with a different view about how we can build our resilience & mood to thrive through stress. She is motivated by helping individuals adapt better to uncertainty and ambiguity by adopting daily rituals and tools that increase our general wellbeing and performance.


Steph is the previous Managing Partner of an International Wellness Hotel chain and a 500hr ISHTA Yoga and meditation teacher, specialising in Yoga Psychology and Yoga for PTSD.


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